What's new is old is new again!

17 February 2012

To you, the loyal yet possibly confused customer:

As you can tell the past couple of weeks have seen many changes to the layout of After much effort, coding, and tweaking, I have decided to change from the newer system back to the previous one. While the new system had many great features it was running very, very slow and had a few persistent bugs which refused to be stomped.

The system and database now being used is the same as the "old" system, though with visual upgrades (and a few behind the scenes). I know that swapping systems so quickly within a few weeks time is confusing, and for that I apologize. Any and all orders made with the previous system will still be fulfilled and shipped; if you feel that your order was missed please, please fire off an email to and we will answer it as soon as we can.

Unfortunately, with the swapping of systems any previous logins/accounts will have to be remade. The wishlists were also not able to be exported, which is unfortunate; having a wishlist system in the current configuration is currently a top priority and one which I hope will be figured out soon.

One oversight from the previous systems that was glaring in its absence was the presence of a SSL Certificate, that little bit of code that allows secure connections to a web server (https://). The difficulties in getting that set up for has been rectified, so rest assured in the much-needed added security.

A future improvement that hopefully will not be too further down the line will be having a system in place to process credit cards on-site without having to browse to PayPal and back; the pong back-and-forth makes the flow of placing orders much slower, and I know you would prefer to be able to check out quickly and securely.

So, thank you again for your patience as the website is brought kicking and screaming into the new decade. The original was a quick placeholder that unfortunately never got the time invested in it that it needed, and much effort has been put into insuring the new one does not have the same fate. If you have any questions or concerns please send and email or let your voice be heard on the forum.

Many, many thanks!

--Tre's Captive Webmonkey

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